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Plastic Timbers and Area Borders for Playgrounds & Landscapes

plastic timbers

plastic timbersPlastic timbers give any area a clean, pleasing finish, and they offer a wide range of uses. Our plastic timbers are Made in the USA! You can place plastic timbers around a playground perimeter to act as a barrier for playground surfacing. You can also make sandboxes, dirt boxes, landscape borders, and flower boxes. Plastic timbers are easy to install and come in three finishes: plain, stone-themed, and rock-themed. They look great, too, and they're virtually maintenance-free. Our plastic timbers can be placed in a variety of configurations. Once you install them, you can easily move and re-locate them to suit your needs. Most plastic timbers measure 4 feet long, but some are available in a 6-foot length. These plastic timbers are supplied by MD Materials, a leading recreation company that sells a wide variety of commercial playground equipment.

Solid Plastic Timbers
Plastic timbers and landscape borders come in 2 sizes and many colors.Plain Plastic Timbers
These plastic timbers come in many colors and two different sizes.
Plastic timbers and landscape borders, in a faux stone finish."Stone" Plastic Timbers
Bring a rock-garden theme to your backyard and a medieval look to your playgrounds.
Plastic Timbers - Landscape Borders - Rock Finish"Rock" Plastic Timbers
Sturdy reversible borders with 2-sided rock design. You get both themes: Flat Stone and River Stone!
Plastic timbers and landscape borders make great sandboxes.Plastic Timber Sandboxes
Our plastic timbers make great sandboxes. Create any design you want, drive the spikes, and presto!
ADA Ramps for Plastic Timbers
ada ramps for plastic timbersADA Ramps for Plastic Timbers
These sturdy ramps give special needs playground users easy access to your play area. For use with plastic timber systems.
Plastic Timber Extras
plastic timbers and borders in the USARubber Guard for Wooden Borders
Add this 100% recycled rubber guard to protect wooden timbers.
Plastic timbers and landscape borders, seen here in our Gallery.Gallery
Dozens of pictures of plastic timbers and great ways to use them on your playground or residential area.

Plastic timbers and landscape borders are easy to install.How to Install
Installing our sturdy plastic timbers is the easiest thing you'll do all day.

Plastic timbers and playground borders from

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